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Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Grinding your teeth can be an annoying and sometimes painful experience to go through – unfortunately, if you do it in your sleep, chances are you won’t know you’re doing it until it’s too late. Many people who grind their teeth often have stressors or something in their life that is causing tension – so much that when they are sleeping, their minds are still reeling, causing their jaw to keep moving. It is much more common than you think – just because you don’t have the typical signs and symptoms, doesn’t mean you don’t really have a mini grind session in the middle of the night every once in a while.

How Can I Tell?

Sometimes, you might not know you are doing it and other times, you will wake up with no doubt in your mind that your jaw was working overtime last night. A main symptom of overnight teeth grinding is severe pain or discomfort in your jaw. If you happen to have a chipped tooth or a filling falls out – this can also be a sign that you were grinding your teeth. If you have worn down teeth that are shorter and stubbier than others, it might mean that you are grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep as well.

The most important thing about teeth grinding is catching it early on. If you happen to experience one or a few of the symptoms but you only recognize it a couple times and it doesn’t come about again, don’t take that as you are cured. If teeth grinding and the effects it has on your mouth goes untreated, it can lead to major oral issues down the road.

What’s The Solution?

Your regular dentist will inform you of all the different techniques you can try each night to get yourself to stop grinding, naturally. However, most of the time, a physical solution is your best bet. We have the best professionals on hand to assist you with whatever mouth issue you may have. There are a few different appliances that can be used at night to correct or stop teeth grinding and clenching. Our dentists have taken proper training courses and are fully knowledgeable about the appliances and products needed to help you. We can customize an appliance specifically for you that will allow your jaw muscles to relax at night, therefore, eliminating the desire to grind or clench while sleeping. Call us today and make an appointment with a trusted Markham Dentist that will help you solve this problem immediately.


Our office is open for free examinations and consultations if you think you are grinding your teeth or doing any damaging clenching at night. Come visit us and see what our professionally trained dentists can do for you! We know exactly what to look for when it comes to the signs and symptoms of teeth grinding and because of this, if we can catch things early enough, we can prevent worse issues in the future. No situation is too tough for us to handle – we are confident that we can counteract and correct even the worst teeth grinding situation, out there.


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